Our Activities.

The cannabis industry is not limited by opportunities, and this is why we push our investments forward in various activities. In order to keep control of all of our products, we have set a vertical integration strategy which can be traced from the seed to the final product.

European Delivery.

We definitely believe that a good product is not enough to meet
your expectations, this why we emphasize on our efforts in giving
our partners the highest service quality possible in the cannabis
industry. Green Brothers masters logistics and guarantees
customers a fast and safe delivery throughout Europe, including
customs clearance process.

Culture Outdoor & Indoor.

We own a 1000 squared meters in-house facility, where indoor low-THC and CBD-rich flowers are grown. The growing material used by our master growers is at the highest technology level in order to provide our customers the best indoor CBD flowers in the market. We are also very active in outdoor hemp growing in order to supply our lab with our own biomass. The water used on the 27 hectares of land is naturally sourced from the Swiss mountain spring, which is the main foundation in achieving the top quality of our final product.


Currently, in the GMP process, our premium extraction lab assures
our customers of the production of the purest CBD and other
phyto-cannabinoids, while respecting “Swiss-made” standards. Our
chemists’ knowledge and skills are limitless, and this is why we
strive to constantly improve and provide our customers the best
product available in the market.

Research & Dev.

Proactivity is a critical success factor in the CBD industry, this is why
we put a lot of effort in cannabis research and development. Every
day, our research team works hard to discover new benefits of
cannabinoids on human health. Furthermore, our breeding team
focuses on developing and improving our own genetics in order to
reach the highest cannabinoid levels and the most interesting
terpenes profile. We are also active in supporting university
projects and medical research in several countries.