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Our brands

As we target different sectors of the cannabis industry, we build brands to answer all consumers’ needs in Europe and the rest of the world.


Back to the French Revolution of May 1968, Sixty8 is a nod to the hippie movement of this period and conveys a “back to freedom” message. The brand communicates a “peace & love”, authentic, simple, but also revolutionary message: we are the cannabis revolution! Sold throughout Europe Green Brothers is proud to own this strong cannabis brand.


Alpinium is the new reference of CBD in sports. A Swiss premium brand developed for amateurs and professional athletes to improve recovery and reinforcement. The brand is a result of an exclusive partnership with NDG Cinéma, specialised in the production of extreme sports and human adventures.

CBD Flash

CBD Flash is THE site that offers large quantities of CBD cannabis at the best market price. We offer you quality flowers, produced by Swiss producers such as Green Brothers and its partners. Every two weeks, a new offer will allow you to fill your stock quickly, easily and at a lower cost !