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Green Brothers is a Swiss family-owned business by three brothers that share the same passion. After acquiring degrees from  universities of the country and more than 15 years of experience in growing, it was obvious for the three brothers to integrate into the Swiss CBD industry.

Green Brothers entered the market in early 2017, starting by seeking the best CBD genetics around the World, from the United States to Israel. We started building our indoor facility in the family farm (1000m2) surrounded by 27 hectares of land. After growing cereals for centuries, the local farmers in the area are now growing CBD-rich hemp to feed the company’s demand.

Leading the Swiss cannabis industry, Green Brothers is active in CBD flower production, extraction and product/brand development. The company is known to have a strong reputation and perform its B2B activities in 17 European countries. Expert in international sales and logistics, Green Brothers also bases its competitive advantage on service quality, transparency and authenticity by being 100% “Swiss made”.

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Our Vision

We aim to be a global actor in the pharma and associated sectors of the cannabis industry by delivering the highest quality standards worldwide. We are driven by perfection and our mission is to drive awareness to the multiple benefits of cannabis in the society for customers and patients.

We believe in a long-term collaboration and strategy , meaning trust, safety and transparency. We consider crucial to offer the best service to every customer and patient


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Long term orientation
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We are fully engaged and focused on the triple bottom line,
in order to respect our stakeholders’ values.